Anna's Polar Bear Tallit

By Sharon Landecker on Apr 19, 2017 in Custom Traditional Designs, Custom Scene Designs

Anna wanted a bright, stunning fabric for the body of her tallit, and chose this vibrant blue dupioni silk. She added evenly spaced stripes of a vibrant purple, green and black. For her corners she wanted the names of her parents and sister, her name, and two colorfully embroidered elephants. Her atarah which said Seek Peace and Pursue it, in Hebrew and in English, had beautiful flowers with hovering butterflies on the tips.

On the back was embroidered a beautiful soulful polar bear.

The tallit was lined with a turtle cotton batik fabric.

Anna's Tallit Front
Anna's Tallit Atarah Front
Anna's Tallit Back
Anna's Tallit Atarah Back
Anna's Tallit Back Close up
Anna's Tallit Inside Corners
Anna's Tallit Outside Corner
Anna's Tallit Outside Corner
Anna's Tallit Bag